January 2015

After rain pavement

First time I try photogrammetry. Overcast weather, a bit of free time, let's go outside and take some photos! This is part of a future project I'd like to do, so, more to come.

Here an example with pavements, 18 photos, turning around, no special precisions.

I used Photoscan, around 2 millions polygons, I wanted to test the maximum possible. texture 8k.

Great software, simple, and pretty fast.

Rendering in Octane, PMC kernet, 500 samples/pixels, camera dof, around 7minutes at 1800x1200.

The problem was the color-grading. Indeed, I don't have (yet) a gray card, so the texture is not a correct albedo, it contains lighting information. I anyway tried to delete the shadows in photoshop, but the shadows in the final image are too dark. A specular map is present, bump not necessary with so many polys. The solution to not have a blueish render was to de-saturate the HDRI for this time.